The “I. H.E.A.R.” Trust Concept

“I. H.E.A.R.” is an anagram of International, Housing, Ecology, Affordable and Recyclable.

We live in a sealed biosphere where each action has an effect somewhere else on the planet – we need ‘joined up thinking” if we want to continue living here.

Most of our waste is connected with where we live and how we live, when we throw waste out of our homes we feel it is dealt with, but the more developed part of the world moves waste to the less developed or unseen parts of the world – we need sustainable waste management with education and resources for the less developed areas.

This is the study of the interactions between organisms and the environment. We are one of those organisms, the human being is having the biggest negative effect on our world – we need to reduce our general and negative effect on the planet.

There are many technological answers available that provide solutions and efficiently solve waste management challenges, the problem is that they are quite often too expensive particularly for less developed parts of the world – we need to bring down the cost of these technologies so everyone can use them.

If we find new ways to reuse much of the waste we produce we can reverse the negative effects and start to create a sustainable biosphere that allows both the developed and less developed parts of the world to live a quality lifestyle in a way that has less negative impact, it is quite possible to take perceived waste items from one part of the world and use it to create usable materials in another – we need to find innovative ways to use waste for our benefit.

The message is clear – say “I hear!”

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