Introduction to “I. H.E.A.R.” Trust’s Activities

I Hear Trust’s mission is to help people hear the message about reducing the waste we create, reusing it in ways that solves problems in a sustainable ways.

The message is clear, say “I Hear!”

I HEAR Trust is a not for profit organisation with charitable and community objectives, promoting responsible occupation of the planet.

A school in Uruguay constructed from decommissioned ISO shipping containers

A school in Uruguay constructed from decommissioned ISO shipping containers (Click to enlarge)

We are focused on the invention of new methods of housing development using waste products and factory production innovations, end-to-end ecological practices, affordability for all and maximum recycling of all materials used.

We will operating internationally to research, develop and improve new and existing methods and techniques in the provision of affordable housing and ownership of the resulting intellectual property.

We also aim to respect and improve the global ecology through the implementation of off-grid power production, zero landfill techniques, converting household waste into compostable materials and promote minimal landfill waste management techniques.

Another high priority is the elimination of certain plastic products and help develop new methods of reusing or recycling single use and other plastic based waste, to create housing and other construction components, to research and develop non-combustible housing building materials, tools, clothing and other materials that will aid sustainable lifestyle improvements.

We will also focus on the recycling or recyclability of all materials used in, or produced during, the construction and habitation of responsible housing solutions which will include residential housing, shelters, schools, hospitals and community buildings.

We will provide educational multimedia tools to encourage the implementation and maintenance of sustainable sanitation and to promote hygienic living. There will be a particular attention paid to people living in deprived or distressed situations, including but not limited to second and third world shanty towns, tent cities, temporary and permanent refugee homes, slums, favelas and homeless accommodation.

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I Hear Trust Limited is a Not-for-Profit Company